Our products are not available from any Kerbholz shop, but you can buy them from many other retailers. You can find a list of retailers under ‘Retailers’ in our online shop. We are trying to organise a few pop-up shops with all of our Kerbholz products over the course of the year. The full details are available in our newsletter and on our Facebook page.
We are always happy to hear about interest in our products. Adrian handles our correspondence with retailers and can be reached at his email address: FragUns@kerbholz.com
You can pay for our Kerbholz products quickly and easily with PayPal or by credit card (Visa, Mastercard), we also offer Klara and apple & google pay.
Once you have placed your order, we will send you a confirmation email followed by a dispatch confirmation containing a tracking number when we ship your product. Shipping is generally free within the EU – outside of the EU, we charge a fixed price for shipping that is specified during the order process depending on the non-EU country in question. Please note that shipments outside of the EU may be subject to additional customs duties, taxes, and fees, which you will have to pay. For example, you can find more information on customs at: Taxation Here is a link to the shipping costs: shipping costs
To ensure that you receive your Kerbholz product quickly and without any fuss, we ship our products via DHL GoGreen as soon as we receive your payment. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to pick-up points.
The cost of return will not be refunded. We at KERBHOLZ work to contribute to climate protection and to avoid unnecessarily adding to CO2 emissions- which is why we want to keep the number of returns as low as possible.
Since 2017, KERBHOLZ is donating 10% of its profits to the "Designing to Sustain" association founded for this purpose. This non-profit association invests the money independently and transparently in various projects. Projects that are primarily concerned with the creation of a more sustainable production cycle. Whether recycling, upcycling, reforestation or research into new, more sustainable materials that reduce the consumption of energy, water and other resources - we support it. Measurable, transparent and sustainable. Because sustainable products are better products. Do you have any questions about the association or would you like to propose a project for funding? Then get in touch with us: fraguns@kerbholz.com