Why donating for Bienenretter e.V.

With every watch purchased, two square meters of wildflower meadow are plant in cooperation with the BIENENRETTER e.V.

Why a flower meadow to save the bees?

Bees need flowers to survive, because flower pollen are important for the nutrition of the bee brood and the younger bees. The nectar provides the necessary energy to fly - it is like fuel for bees. Since many meadows are already mown before flowering, bee food is also destroyed. The consequences are malnutrition and an earlier death of the bee.

The BIENENRETTER e.V. does not only plant flower meadows, but worries also about:

  • - the education work for lasting development,
  • - the settlement and care of honey bees, as well as
  • - measures for the protection of wild bees in the city and
  • - clearing-up work for the receipt of biological variety.

Why is this project so important to us?

A single bee colony can pollinate three million flowers a day, making the bee a key contributor to our ecological balance. Bees are thus the "high-performance multipliers" of everything that blooms. If there were no more bees, the world would look much less green – and no one wants that.