Designing to Sustain

The „Designing to Sustain“
„Designed to sustain“ – We desgin to preserve.

When we founded KERBHOLZ a few years ago, we didn't want to just open a business, but one that makes sustainability and responsibility one of its key philosophies - whether it is about the production of our watches and sunglasses, our social responsibility or a more sustainable office life.

We stand for a conscious handling of this planet's resources and with each other - and having fun at it. We call this "Hedonistic Sustainability": Products that are fun, because they're more sustainable. The KERBHOLZ-Team is always engaged to create better products, better service and a better future. This is our responsibility.

The Designing to Sustain Organization

After our first years we made it out of the woods and took our responsibility even more serious. Since 2017 we donate 10% of our profits to the specially founded "Designing to Sustain" organization. This charitable organization invests this money independently and transparently in different projects.

These projects mainly deal with creating a more sustainable production chain. Be it recycling, upcycling, reforestation, or searching for new, sustainable materials, which reduce the energy, water or general resource consumption - we support it.


At the same time, we are always looking for further projects that are worth supporting. Send us YOUR idea!

Do you have questions about the organization or want to submit a project?

Send us an e-mail: [email protected]

Our first donation: Ocean Clean-Up

For our first donation we decided to support the Ocean Clean-Up - a project that can really make a difference! The giant amount of plastic waste that was discovered in the pacific a few years ago is worrying. That is why the Dutchman Boyan Slat and his team want to remove almost half of this plastic waste in the next five years. The plastic waste will then be recycled and reused.

The project was especially inspiring to us, because a 17-year old just had the idea to save the world - and actually started doing it!