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"The art of creation lies within the inspiration of the Moment".

I love creating new Designs and looks for our products, whether it is the new Maximilian, a strong yet humble Chrono, or the exiting journey of Amelie my design icon.

It is important to me that the Creations are well understood, and each Model stands out from each other.

Franzi, our Product Designer


 The Chrono-type

With a strong watch at your wrist, you can't go wrong. I recommend a minimum of 15cm wristband, as the Body of the watch is rather a heavy weigther.

The Classic

wood. wood. and even more wood. plus Some text that I need to come up with.

The Elegant type

and more information about something that I have no clue of


The name says i tall. Our award winning watch, my eyecandy for every natural material lover. The world's thinnest wood watch.